With an increase in terror activity all over the world, the Texas Department of Public Safety has an important message for all Texans.

They remind us all to, "...stay vigilant and always report suspicious activity you observe. Stay alert and keep your head up when you’re in public places. Avoid distractions when you’re out in public, including avoiding the tendency to focus all your attention on a mobile device – and limit the use of earbuds that can muffle sounds that may alert you to danger (i.e., people shouting, horns honking, etc.).


And pay attention to the people and activity around you. Don’t forget, terrorist attack preparations may often be seen but not reported. If you witness something suspicious, report it to your local authorities or to the state’s iWatch program at www.iwatchtx.org. To make an anonymous report, individuals can contact DPS at 1-844-643-2251."

With lots of celebrations and activities scheduled for the holiday weekend, and Tuesday's Independence Day, this message could not be more timely.

It's important to stay aware of your surroundings. This does not mean live in fear, but always keep your eyes and ears open, so in an emergency you have time to react.

Stay safe Texas, and Happy Independence Day!


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