Some of the best "duos" in country music don't always sing together. One is the lead and the other just plucks the guitar and occasionally comes in for a "yeah" or two.

That's not the case for Maddie and Tae. There's not a current duo that harmonizes as well as the 24-year-olds.

To convince you of that statement give the title track of their brand new 5-song EP a listen.

Everywhere I'm Goin' is the second EP the 'Girl in a Country Song' singers released this year. Whether it's a heartbreaking ballad or an upbeat toe-tapper each song takes you somewhere. The two co-wrote each track, including the collaboration with Dierks Bently 'Lay Here With Me'

Dierks's rough voice surprisingly blends perfectly with theirs in the chorus of the song telling the story of a couple who are tired of fighting and just want some peace.

According to Taste of Country, the two five-song EP's will form part of their upcoming full-length album. If every song is included we'll be lucky to get a couple more songs.

One Heart To Another was released in April the title track is definitely worth a listen and I'll have it down below, but there is one song that hits me every time I hear it.

'Die From a Broken Heart' is the perfect heartbreak song and an example of great songwriting in country music. You can hear the truth in the lyrics and know the singer was going through everything at that moment. It's a song you wish you are talented enough to write yourself but enjoy and relate instead.

Bonus: My mother has taught me to appreciate a good harmony, so here's a little of the best of the best, the Mills Brothers. Enjoy.

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