Maybe it was seeing them all over a golf course in Brazil disrupting the Olympics. For what ever reason, the interesting creature known as a Capybara has been in the media lately.

Never heard of a Capybara? You're not alone.  Americans are just discovering this very large rodent.

The Houston Chronicle posted this week pictures of Chico, a 120-pound Capybara who lives in Texarkana with the Wren family. This was nothing new to me: I knew Chico had his own video channel on YouTube.

What a sweet giant mouse! I wonder if Sylvester and Sylvester Junior would run into this creature instead of a kangaroo in there next Looney Tune adventure.

The good news is this big rodent  is well cared for by his adopted family as well as special veterinarians from Texas A&M University's vet school, who coordinate with Chico's local doctor.  It's a burgeoning field of study because only 12 families in the United States are known to have such a creature.

Chico is a fan favorite in the is city of Texarkana - he even has a Facbook fan page with almost 1,600 followers!

I'll stick with a cat, though.