Ahh doing activities together as a family is great, whether it's taking a Sunday drive, enjoying a meal or committing wire fraud. Well, the latter is great until you get caught.

One Texas family of four from all over the lone star state brought in just over half a million dollars with a scheme involving reselling tickets to the Masters' tournament in Augusta the Washington Post reports.

It was quite a scheme at that. Getting your hands on Masters tickets is hard, really, really hard. So much so that there is a lottery every year for a handful of tickets. Our family created millions of fake email addresses with home addresses attached to enter into the lottery. When one of the emails would win they would create fake ID's, utility bills, etc. and even go out and convince the homeowners that the tickets got sent to them by mistake.

The F.B.I caught on and they have admitted to everything. Some members will spend some time behind bars and others face some hefty fines.

I don't know, being a con family sounds like fun and all, but maybe just stick to playing croquet or something.

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