Houston father does the right thing, even though it was hard.

KTRK is reporting that an 18-year-old man was turned in by his father.

T. Daniels said he spoke with his son, Christian, when he allegedly showed him a bag with a gun in it.

Daniels said..."He pulled paperwork out of the bag, and I said, 'What does that paperwork say?' And he put the camera closer to the paperwork and it said Houston Police Department. So, that really kind of ticked me off for him to even have a gun, and then you're going to steal one from a police officer, at that."

Court documents stated that Christian told his father he had burglarized 250 cars in the last week.

Daniels, a veteran, said he took an oath to protect his family, and he felt he had to report his son because he didn't want worse things to happen.

How many of you could've done the same if you found out your child was make some really bad decisions? Hopefully this can set the young man on a better path.

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