I'm one to pay attention to gas prices. It amazes me how often you'll see two stations right next to each other with a fifteen cent difference.

I get a kick out of finding a good price. Here's a tip and something that annoys the heck out of me: watch for a sign with tiny print under the price reading "price when awards card applied". I'm not getting an awards card to a gas station! Avoid those at all cost.

Anyway, right now it's pretty nice. Gas prices are the lowest they've been in a while. KHOU11 reports that the Texas average fuel rate is 26 cents cheaper than it was in August of last year at $2.35 for unleaded.

AAA thinks that the lowering trend isn't going to stop. Could you imagine pulling into a station and paying less than two bucks per gallon? I think I would cry.

And to think just a couple years ago folks were scared of there being a gas shortage right here in Central Texas. We've come a long way.

Thomas Rhett Flyaway
Thomas Rhett Flyaway

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