UPDATE: Police in Carrollton say Rosemary Lee Singer has been found safe. He father, Ronald Lee Singer, has been charged with murder in connection to the girl's mother's death. Police did not release further information about the case, but KAXS-TV reports that the girl is not believed to have been home when her mother was killed.


A statewide AMBER Alert was requested Wednesday morning for a 10-year-old missing girl whose mother was found murdered overnight.

The Carrollton Police Department is asking for the public's help locating Rosemary Lee Singer. Police say she may be with her father, Ronald Lee Singer, who is the deceased's ex-husband.

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Ronald Singer is believed to be driving the murdered woman's car - a black 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV with license plate NLZ-4205. Police say Ronald Singer has ties to Hillsboro, but they have no definitive information about where he may currently be.

Rosemary was described as standing approximately 5'0" an weighing 95 pounds.

If you spot the vehicle or have any information about Rosemary's disappearance of Ronald's whereabouts, you're asked to please contact Carrollton police at (972) 466-3333 or dial 9-1-1.

Rosemary Lee Singer - Images Courtesy of Carrollton PD
Rosemary Lee Singer - Images Courtesy of Carrollton PD

Police say Rosemary's mother, 45-year-old Maria Romero Ramos, was found dead by her roommate around 1 AM Wednesday at 1930 E. Hebron Parkway in Carrollton. If you saw or heard anything, or have any information that might help investigators, please call Carrollton police at (972) 466-3333.

Carrollton is a community just northwest of Dallas, but like our community, it lies along I-35, so there's always the possibility that the Singers could make their way through our area. If you're out and about, keep your eyes peeled. You may see  something that could help police find this girl, who they believe to be in danger.

Again, she's believed to be with her father, Ronald Lee Singer in a black 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV with license plate NLZ-4205. If you spot the car or have any information that might help police, please call (972) 466-3333 or dial 9-1-1.

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