12-year-old Sophie Douglas of Texarkana, Texas had a pizza party for her birthday. That's pretty common for someone her age, who she had the party with...not so much.

Sophie wanted to give back to her local heroes, so she took pizza for lunch to her local police department.

KETK reports that the department said that she is a “great young lady” and that they were honored to have her.

She brought them Pizza Hut - probably the best pizza chain in North American, so she done did good.

I'm trying to remember what I did for my twelfth birthday. I don't know...probably nothing too heroic. Saved a cat from a burning building, bought a soup kitchen, something like that. It's been a couple years.

Anyway, Sophie is a real hero - not an imaginary one like me. I wonder what she has planned for Christmas. Probably something generous.


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