Surely you've been hit by the nation's supply chain crisis by now, right? You know, you go to the store to pick up something just find it's not available or it's priced ridiculously high. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has invited the cargo ships at ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach California to "escape California" and come to Texas.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, Gov. Abbott's 2022 campaign account made a promotional video in which he is telling those backlogged ships to come to the "24/7 functioning Texas cargo ports" and to "choose a state that doesn't see inflation and America's supply-chain backlog as a good thing."

The video ends with "Escape California: Everyone is doing it." Lol, he ain't lyin'.

Los Angeles County says that the combination of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are the largest in the Western Hemisphere, handling about 40% of imported goods for the United States.

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So, how many ships and containers are there waiting off the west coast? Yahoo! News reports that if you took the containers from the more than 70 cargo ships off the coast of Los Angeles with about 500,000 containers and laid them out, they would reach from Southern California to Chicago.

Some California lawmakers are blaming lack of hours, equipment, and labor as the main problem. The White House recently reported that a 24/7 work schedule for both ports is now in place to help ease the backlog of containers.

Gov. Abbott suggests shippers take the two week trip to Texas, where we are already open and capable of handling the job. So why not escape California? Everyone is doing it, but your cargo isn't.

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