One grandma who recently passed away from cancer had a surprise for those in attendance at her funeral.  In an article posted by, granddaughter Gracie Perryman, says her 81-year-old grandma, Jodie Perryman, passed away from cancer on Oct. 12. After she was diagnosed, her health declined quickly, and she refused a treatment that could potentially cure her but her body wouldn't be able to handle.

Before Jodie passed away, she posted her intention to hand out Ouija boards at her funeral to stay in touch on Facebook -- a promise Gracie said she was surprised her grandmother kept. Gracie added it helped her grieving family to smile, laugh, and remember Jodie's "great sense of humor and a huge heart."  You can see what grandma posted on her social media just two months before she passed away below. We send our prayers to the family of Jodie Perryman.


Gracie tweeted this back on October 18th, and since then, it has been retweeted over 76,000 times, liked over 733 thousand times, and has given her 'legend' status on the social media platform.


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