Energy usage is always changing day by day. Continuous efforts are being made for ourselves and the nation to make the area around us better. But there is still a long way to go.

According to WalletHub, in the year of 2022, the United States faced 18 disasters, caused by either weather of climate, that resulted in over $165 billion in damages. Various factors, some due to the actions of us, are believed to have made the event worse than anticipated. So the push for better ways to produce energy and protect the environment is at the front of many minds.

But the question remains, where does Texas stand in cleaner energy production? Unfortunately, it seems the Lone Star State has some work to do.

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Clean Energy, Better Environments In Texas Lower Than Expected?

WalletHub compiled the data using these three factors:

- Environmental Quality
- Eco-Friendly Behaviors
- Climate-Change Contributions

With all of these factors put together, the stage is set for the ranking of the Lone Star State. Are we treading in the right direction? Sadly it doesn't seem like right now we are.

Texas ranked 43rd in environmental quality, 26th in ecofriendly behaviors, and 40th in climate change contributions. The overall ranking for Texas? 38th.

What? 38th?

Sadly, it looks like we as Texans have a ways to go before we are helping the area around us more. So let's do our part Texans! Remember to clean up after yourselves! Let's also find some new ways to generate cleaner energy while we're at it!

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