In the never-ending quest to make a wedding - or more accurately, a wedding reception - more memorable, a pack of groomsmen (sounds like a singing group already) in the North Texas/DFW area decided to add a little choreography to the proceedings.

Reminds me of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond...

Music used in the most recent video, namely Chris Brown's "Forever," appeared in one of the original viral wedding videos.

Okay, wait just a minute.

Talk about blurring the sacred and the profane. Am I a bit of a fuddy duddy because I think this kind of thing is not apropos for inside a church? The Lord's house?!

And then there's the whole Chris Brown thing. In case you had forgotten, Wikipedia reminds us in the second paragraph of his entry, "In 2009, Brown received much media attention after pleading guilty to felony assault of his then girlfriend, singer Rihanna; he was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service." That's only part of the man's troubles.

Call me a prude, but I guess for the ceremony my tastes are aligned with this list put out by St. Theresa Church in Austin, who suggest "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring" and "Pachelbel Canon in D" by noted non-rapper Johann Sebastian Bach. See how beautiful a wedding, a commitment for life, can be when the music is perfect?

See? Wedding full of class, the classiest kind of class you can get: classical class!

This hits everyone in the heart.

With such refined tastes as this, as well as my kind heart, I'm still amazed I'm single. It boggles my mind. Ladies, you're missing out. Classy guy here.

Maybe even a string quartet in the reception, but only if they play some Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and The Beatles....

On second thought, maybe "Eleanor Rigby" and her lonely people can skip the reception. So can "Every Breath You Take," a stalker song.

Now a swinging big band with a soulful singer is where it's at!

Of course, if you're in a country mood and the bride can pick a mean banjo, with the groom playing stand-up bass, you can have a bluegrass reception!

In the grand picture of life, what matters most is that a wedding is an outward expression of love. Best wishes to all of the couples in these videos, may the wedding be the start of a lifetime of great moments.