There's greatness all around the state of Texas.

You can see it every day after all! There's been so many records set in the Lone Star State by many different individuals. But there's one thing some may not realize about setting records from Texans.

Individuals from Texas can go to other states to perform incredibly, and represent the Lone Star State with pride. We've seen time and time again throughout the years that it happens after all. One of those fantastic individuals is none other than Luisa Blanco, a gymnast from Dallas.

Blanco, following her recent graduation from the University of Alabama, is about to make another appearance, this time on the world's stage known as the Olympics.

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Luisa Blanco And Her Upcoming Appearance At The 2024 Olympics

Blanco recently revealed to NBC DFW, that thanks to a dual citizenship, she'll take the floor representing Columbia. Columbia is where her parents call home, and she said of the opportunity:

“I did it just to be able to compete at the Paris Olympics. In my home and in my heart, I’ve always been Colombian and then when I would leave, I would be an American. Getting dual citizenship was a lengthy process, but you know, just like everything, there is a step-by-step process. I really get the best of both worlds.”

Blanco, per the University of Alabama, holds perfect 10s in three of the four events during her time at the college, which Vault, Balance, and Floor Exercise. In addition, she holds many different accolades for her skills.

Blanco also said she wasn't taking this moment for granted:

“The fact that I can be somebody who can represent the little girls in Colombia or just represent a whole nation in general is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so honored to do it."

Good Luck Luisa! Also, as a graduate of the University of Alabama personally...ROLL TIDE!!!

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