Stonehenge 2, Mori, and baseballWest of San Antonio there is an attraction known as Stonehenge II in Ingram, Texas.  The Stonehenge replica and Easter Island head used to be in the town of Hunt, Texas but was moved after the original architect's death. It now sits on land owned by the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram. They are located at 120 Point Theater Road in Ingram, Texas.

A sign out front refers to the original Stonehenge and reads, "It's purpose is unknown, and, perhaps unknowable".

Stonehenge v.2.0

Searching Flickr is a great way to get a better look at Stonehenge II if you need help deciding if this road trip is for you. It's a little less than a 3 hour drive, but on a nice day it makes for a great getaway!

Ingram, Texas via googlemaps
Ingram, Texas via googlemaps

Check out the beautiful footage below, and the next time your west of San Antonio check this one out!

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