Joshua McClatchy of Fort Worth went missing Saturday, June 1st when he went hiking at the Buckeye Trail in the Caney Creek Wilderness Area up in Arkansas. Nearly a week later, on Friday, June 7th Josh was found CNN reports.

When the 38-year-old realized he was lost he sent a text to his mom to send help. For the next week, he survived on protein bars, bottled water, and that ole Texas spirit.

Poor weather conditions caused rescue teams to hold back on the search via helicopter, which is what helped locate Josh in the end. Imagine dealing with bad weather and that being the reason you aren't being rescued, talk about a double shot of bad luck.

Unfortunately, when McClatchy originally went missing he had a healthy beard so he didn't get to have that rough unshaven-just-survived-a-week-in-the-wild-beard look like in the movies. He also went in and came back with both arms, that doesn't always happen in the movies either.

But in all seriousness rarely does someone come out of that in as good condition as he did, the only reported issue is dehydration. wow. We've got ourselves a Texas Bear Grylls!

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