The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth is taking a chance on a beer made with Peeps. It's all part of some pre-easter fun.

It's called Peep This Collab. It's said to have more of a lemony taste according to its creators. The marshmallow treats are definitely part of the recipe as they more or less go for a dip in the brew.

10News WTSP via youtube

Fast forward through the video below and you'll see the final segment features the Peeps beer from Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth. It's pretty much the last 30 seconds of the video.

The Peeps do go for a swim in the beer but that's about it. It is said that the treats just "provide extra fermentable sugar for the yeast to work with" according to David Riddile of the CBP.  He spoke with the website The Daily Meal. 

The rest of the recipe includes butterfly pea flower to make the beer look purple. Then they will add edible glitter to make it look more like a peep. If you are headed up to Fort Worth for Easter you can try a glass at 112 St. Louis Avenue.