A Dallas jeweler who refused to do business with a woman for all the right reasons has become an inspiration to people all around the world.

As seen in a video posted to Facebook back in July, a woman came into the jewelry store where the man works and tried to sell him a ring that once belonged to her mother. When the clerk asked why she was selling it, the woman said she had bills to pay, was broke, and wouldn't be paid until August.

The clerk, who identified himself as Noah to CBSDFW but declined to give his last name, gave the woman her asking price, but refused to take the ring.

Noah had the woman write down his phone number in case she needs any more help, and asked her to see him first before trying to sell the ring again.

"If I had her number, I would call her back and see if she needed more money or more help," he told CBSDFW. "I'll do it for her."

Noah, a refugee who escaped Syria's civil war two years ago, said he was simply returning the sort of kindness and generosity that helped him and his family find asylum in the United States.

"It doesn't matter what religion you are," he told CBSDFW. "It doesn't matter where you're from. That is our humanity. Everybody should do that."

Noah sent the video to a friend in Syria, who then decided to share it online. It's since spread across social media and been shared almost 200,000 times.