We're gonna need a bigger boat! Wow! Look at the size of this hammerhead shark caught near the Padre Island National Seashore.

KSAT reports that Poco Cedillo spent an hour and 15 minutes trying to reel in the 14-foot Hammerhead. Cedillo reports the shark measured 14 feet (168 inches), a fork length of 135'', and a girth of 78''.

Unfortunately, the shark did not survive. Cedillo is well known in the area for catching sharks. He makes it a point to release his catches back to sea. While he was thrilled to have reeled in the catch, losing the shark took the wind out of his sales after the catch. He is sharing his story so that other fisherman know exactly what happened. The shark meat was then donated locally.

The Padre Island National Seashore is a popular place to catch Hammerheads. The South Texas Fishing Association is sharing Poco's story calling it the "shark catch of multiple lifetimes".

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