Not even high water can come between and man and his Whataburger. Gary Gostecnik of Pattison usually heads to the local Whataburger for lunch several days a week. Since Friday, he's been stuck at home 13 miles away thanks to the flooded Brazos River.

Gary's wife said every time they spoke over the weekend he was asking for Whataburger. On Monday, it was like a dream come true. He fired up his John Deer 8630, and drove about 4 miles down the road to the Brazos River bridge near San Felipe. While laptops and fresh clothes got dropped off, so did Gary's favorite: "a number 1 with cheese, onions, and extra tomatoes". Plus, Gary picked up a big ole sack of burgers and fried pies for his neighbors also still stuck at home.


Just another reason the Lone Star state is so great! In Texas, we look out for each other. Thanks for being a great neighbor, Gary!