The footage above shows a Lubbock, Texas man bursting through a security checkpoint at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport on Tuesday. 

Now, this is WHAT NOT TO DO when we fly you to Phoenix to meet Luke Combs! Good Lord! Do not wear a red hoodie, and please be extra patient with the good folks at TSA Phoenix. They've had a rough week.

The man in the video has been identified as 19-year-old Tyrese Garner. He is currently in police custody after attacking as many as 5 TSA agents at the security checkpoint of Terminal 4 inside the Phoenix airport.

Screen Grab from Video Embed Fox News 10 Phoenix

According to Fox News 10, as well as court records, Garner is suspected of being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. The TSA officials are saying the attack was "unprovoked and brazen". So far sources are at a loss for what caused the fight to break out between Garner and the TSA agents.

Of the 5 people assaulted in the attack, four needed medical attention from urgent care. One was taken to the hospital. As of today, all of them have been released from medical care.

The video above was taken from the airport security cameras at terminal 4. You can just barely see Garner rushing the body scanner before bursting through and swinging away at the agents. Garner knocked several of them over before he was brought to the ground. Some of the female agents seen in the video get punched in the face or thrown to the ground trying to bring him to a stop. I can't believe how brave the group of people is who make a group effort trying to stop this man. He could have had a weapon or a bomb attached to his person, they just did their job to stop him as best they could.

Garner is being charged with suspicion of criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, and assault. Fox News 10 Phoenix has this man's bond listed as $1500. I've got to believe that is a typo?? More info is sure to come out about this. Stay tuned!


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