For some of us in Texas, the thought of leaving the state is a tough one to consider. There's so many things to consider before moving away from the Lone Star State. Whatever the reason may be, a part of Texas will be with us no matter what, if we choose to leave.

But after a while, if we possibly choose to pack up everything and leave, odds are we'll be a little bit homesick after a period of time. We could miss a number of things, the people we got to hang out with, or the events we got to see in person. One of the biggest things we might miss? The businesses.

Some of us will miss H-E-B (me!), or Whataburger (also me!). But for those who live too far away from a certain beaver, there could be a way for Texan to get those highly coveted snacks.

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One Texas Man Finds Fortune With Buc-ee's Items

According To The Hustle, one man from the old Lone Star State named Chris Koerner has made his presence known not only in Texas, but nationwide as well. In the crazy year of 2020, Koerner found himself craving some Buc-ee's treats. But...checking their website and not being able to order any of the items.

Koerner then hatched an idea. Already at the helm of a business called Send Eats, he reached out the famous beaver business to see if a partnership was in order to send the items nationwide. When the call for partnership went unnoticed, Koerner had a very smart idea.

With the help of his family, he went to a Buc-ee's in Texas, bought one of every item, and sold them online himself. The best part? Buc-ee's found out about his plan, and were ok with it!

Thanks to the first sale doctrine, business was allowed to boom, and now Koerner takes home almost 300K every MONTH! Yes, we're all allowed to be jealous.

Also, he's a graduate of the University of Alabama! So a big old Roll Tide to that too! Here's the website in case you want to check it out.

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