Janiece Charlez's daughter, Natalie Fisher, was found dead in Houston in September of 2016. Her murder was never solved. Natalie, a Temple native, was seduced by a man who slowly groomed her into human trafficking.

Today, Janiece continues to warn parents of signs that their children are being targeted and groomed, which doesn't always involve abduction.

Natalie's story is made even more tragic by the fact that she was not abducted or taken against her will in the beginning. She was brainwashed by predators to think she was making a better life for herself. In her memory, her mother works with other girls to help them get out of these captive situations with the non-profit group IMF Ministry.

If you or anyone you know suspects an individual of trafficking, or if you know someone who is in need of help, dial 1-800-919-0768. 

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