Recently, concerns have been raised over treatment of inmates in Texas. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, July of 2022 was in the top 5 of hottest July's in the United States. This caused many to turn their attention to prisons in the state regarding one part of them that has been left neglected.

Air Conditioning And Prisons In Texas

The Texas Tribune goes into further detail about the issues caused by some penitentiaries not having ways to keep inmates cool. Reports stated that in the year of 2011, 10 Texas inmates died due to heat stroke. It is hypothesized however that more passed due to heat stroke, as extreme heat may not always show up a cause of death due to oversight.

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But recently, strides have been made to keep jails in the Lone Star State cooler. But there is still a ways to go before the potential changes take effect.

Texas Government And Efforts Put Forth

KSAT 12 reported the Texas House made the decision to budget $545 million for air conditioning in prisons that were reported to be extremely hot. However, while the proposal is a step in the right direction, this is only the budgeting. The Texas Senate still hasn't made a decision regarding funds for the previously mentioned air conditioning.

One bill mentioned by KSAT is in regards to keeping penitentiary temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. The proposal has not been heard yet, at the time of writing.

Time will tell if more will be done to keep prisoners cool during the hot Texas summers.

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