Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton let it be known, that if you ban guns in class, you could face disciplinary action.

This was told to the three professors looking to ban guns in their classrooms at University of Texas. UT Professors Mia Carter, Jennifer Glass, and Lisa Moore sued the University and the State in federal court last month to try to block the implementation of campus carry.

This new law, which went into effect last week, allows for anyone 21-and-older, who are licensed, to be able to carry weapons on campus. According to the  Dallas Morning News, attorneys representing UT, and Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in a legal brief filed Monday..."Faculty members are aware that state law provides that guns can be carried on campus, and that the president has not made a rule excluding them from classrooms," attorneys representing the University of Texas at Austin and Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in a legal brief filed Monday. "As a result, any individual professor who attempts to establish such prohibition is subject to discipline."

The professors are asking a judge to put the law on hold, arguing that the law is too vague for them to know if and how they will be punished.

Maybe they should just ban the bullets.