Some things in Texas are so innate, you would swear they were woven into our DNA, even if you weren't born here. Things like throwing up and shouting, "Hook 'em Horns!" Don't forget the two finger wave we like to do when meeting another vehicle on a two lane road in the Killeen, Texas area.

Make sure you look out for a car pulling over quickly on those two lanes for an impromptu blue bonnet photo shoot. Also, somehow you just know Whataburger is best when eaten at 2 AM.

Starting to feel like my next article is going to be about Texas traditions.

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What does Texas do best in the US?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Depending on the Texan, Texas is clearly the best at everything! Thankfully, with some research and data, science proves Texas is number 1 in the nation in the following 6 categories. I conducted an impromptu poll to determine the 7th.

Texas Is Number 1 In The USA In These Categories

According to research at, Texas is #1 in the USA at these things.

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