Killeen, Texas residents who own an RV or camper know all to well how much fun it is to travel around the state and even the entire U. S. in style. RVs make camping a luxury and can turn any trip into an adventure. #RVLife is real.

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Great for traveling and camping yes, but is it legal to live in your RV, and what are the laws if you have kids?


Owning an RV can be a blessing and a curse. Yes, an RV allows you to travel in style, but if you live in an area ruled by an HOA, you may have trouble finding a place to park it. Most HOA rules won't allow you to just pull it up next to your house and park it 'til you need it, so finding a place to store your RV may be necessary.

Can You Live in an RV in Texas?

The quick answer is yes, as long as your RV is registered in Texas, your driver's license is from Texas, and the property is zoned for residential living, you can legally live in an RV.

Those who do live in their RV suggest you should do it in the same county that you are registered to vote in and where you lease an RV lot or apartment.

Can You Live with Your Kids in a RV in Texas?

Once again, the quick answer is yes.

According to RV Parenting, there are no laws in Texas that say kids can't live in an RV. Further more, an ex-spouse or co-parent can't take custody of your kids solely based on living in an RV.

There are some conditions to this of course, but simply living in an RV is not cause enough on its own to take a child away from you.

So, can you legally live in an RV in the state of Texas? Yes! Other states will have different laws, so you may want to do some research before pulling anchor and relocating.

Given how crazy the housing market is in Texas right now, maybe that mobile life is becoming more and more appealing.

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