Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says he once wrote a speeding ticket to a driver doing 130mph in a 55mph zone. It was once his personal record-setting ticket. Not anymore.

Someone driving a Dodge Viper was burning up the highway last Friday and sped past Chief Acevedo at 140mph. Chief told the Houston Chronicle that someone "almost took my doors off"! Check out the video of the ticket below.

Acevedo was traveling in his Chevy Tahoe and was not able to keep up with the Viper so he called ahead to additional officers for support. The speed limit in the area was 65mph. That's 140 in a 65. An expensive joy ride to say the least.

Acevedo said on Twitter the driver could have easily been arrested for that kind of speed violation but decided to write the driver a ticket instead with an additional fine of $304 bucks.

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