Since we are in the Lone Star State, there's one major part of the state we all know very well, and this is country music. Artists such as George Strait and Lee Ann Womack have music that transcended Texas and made it into the national sphere. There's nothing like a country track from a Texan to say the least.

But the great thing about the Texas music scene? Everybody has a chance to make their mark on whatever style they wish to partake in. By everybody, we certainly mean everybody as you'll soon find out.

A certain yellow sponge has taken to the country scene, and honestly, we can't explain why these sound so good.

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SpongeBob SquarePants Is A Country Artist Now?!?

It's hard to believe, but somehow, someway, the country craze has made its way to Bikini Bottom. But how do we know exactly this happened? Well these songs exist:

Yes, we did say songs:

Alright, for real, these songs, we are pretty sure were put together using AI. Which is a little bit scary to be completely honest. But how in the world does this work so well?

SpongeBob doesn't have the best singing voice, and yet here are two almost perfect country songs with his voice. Sometimes the country music scene just doesn't have to make sense doesn't it?

Who next is going to take the country scene by storm? Who knows, that's the beauty of music!

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