Two Texas educators are accused of duct taping an 8-year-old boy to a chair for three hours because he wouldn’t remain seated.

The incident occurred at Woodlake Elementary School in San Antonio. According to a spokesperson from the Judson Independent School District, school officials were notified Thursday that the boy had been restrained in a chair by his teacher and an aide with tape after becoming “to rambunctious and rowdy”.

The student described having his ankles and wrists bound before he was secured to a chair by tape wrapped around his torso. According to the boy’s account, he asked for help from the aide, who told him to hush or he would tape the boy’s mouth. A used roll of duct tape was found on the teacher's desk, and bruises and duct tape residue were evident on the boy and his clothing.

The teacher and aide have both resigned. The teacher had been with the school since 2010; the aide, since November of 2012.

This story comes a year after another teacher in the district was fired for allegedly encouraging students to hit a 6-year-old child accused of bullying.