A very Happy 4th of July to all our listeners in Central Texas, and our soldiers serving overseas who carry our station app and continue to keep up with the happenings back home. Thank you all for your service.

Back here in Killeen-Temple-Belton, we are enjoying the 100th Belton Independence Day Parade, The Festival on Nolan Creek, the Belton Carnival at Confederate Park, and the PRCA Rodeo at the Expo Center. I'd say Central Texas sure knows how to throw a party for the 4th!

Just about everybody at the radio station saw the footage in the video above on Wednesday at one time or another. We've been wanting to share with you the story of Cameron James who is a 17-year-old Texan living in the town of Haslet.

We would have shown you this Wednesday morning but we had to wait to get permission from Cameron to use his photo and share his story with all of our listeners.

This young man got very creative with his lawn mower and has since made national news via CNN and the folks at WJHL, and KTVT. It wasn't that this young man had lots of extra time to manicure his lawn into the shape of Old Glory, he put all this effort into a tribute to a friend, and to all our men and women serving overseas.

Cameron's friend Army Pfc. Kevin Christian died last month at the age of 21. He committed suicide while deployed on the Arizona/Mexico border as reported by CNN.

James told members of the media that he was a boy scout with Christian and always thought of his friend as a role model. He told CNN affiliate KTVT "I wanted to make sure he was missed by even the people who didn't know him."

Cameron's father had mentioned the idea of mowing the flag into the lawn in passing a while back. Well, his son was obviously moved by the idea and made plans to carry out the tribute himself. Cameron enlisted his 11-year-old little brother to help him.

They used different settings on the lawn mower to create the stripes of the flag, and weed eaters are the trick to creating the star shapes in the grass as seen from up above in the video. The James family have two incredible kids at home who they are very proud of. We are sure proud of them as well.

Happy 4th of July everyone! May God continue to bless America with great deeds and good-hearted citizens like this north Texas family.

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