There's many things in Texas that we love right? The roads we drive on, the cultures in the state, the football hotbed we live in...there's so much!

But there's one thing that puts a smile on every Texans face. What is it you ask?

Nothing Other Than Food!

There's just something special about food in the Lone Star State. I mean just look at all the food that is being offered at the State Fair of Texas! Some of these creations are hard to believe right?

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But while, most of these combinations, maybe removing that pickle creation, are probably pretty tasty right? I'd definitely try the Fried Cacio E Pepe. But we won't be looking at those foods today,

Instead, we'll be looking at something that many in Texas may frown at, recipe-wise at least.

One Video Showing A Recipe Alleged To Be From Texas

We turn to Tik Tok to discover the cooking causing question across the internet:

Ok so first, we've all heard of pasta and chicken working well together. I mean chicken alfredo is quite delicious! But...creamed corn? Lipton onion seasoning?

I feel like someone would have a potentially BBQ rub on the chicken instead? Or maybe cooking the pasta and chicken separately? To be honest, the final product doesn't look all the appetizing as well.

Now, this isn't to say that the food in question isn't good. But...we're unsure that this recipe was created in Texas.

We turn the question over to you, do you think this was first made in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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