This weekend, I got a phone call from my mother.  She was unaware of the weather conditions here in Texas.

"I thought y'all were done with all that rain," she said.

If only it were true, Ma.

A lot of folks are getting tired of all this and nobody can blame them. It's been wild. The drone footage in that video up above is amazing.

It's amazing we still have to remind people not to drive through high water. Floods are serious business.  For those who need a little extra help deciding whether or not to take flooding seriously, this official website helps navigate you through the thought process.

It was put together by the Texas Water Development Board in Austin and answers the three concerns: what to do before, during and/or after a flood.  It even goes so far as to define what a flood actually is for those who weren't paying attention previously.

I haven't ventured out a whole lot this weekend because I didn't want to get stuck wherever it was flooding.   I hope you and your family were OK.