Dulce Ortiz thought she had made an offer that couldn't be refused, and wound up going directly to jail without passing 'Go'.

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The 21 year-old woman was booked into the Harris County Jail after authorities said she tried to bribe a deputy with sexual acts during her arrest, according to KWTX.

From Bad to Worse

Constable Mark Herman in Harris County said in a Facebook post that Ortiz was taken into custody initially for her involvement in a car crash on Wednesday near Spring, Texas.

The accident happened in a neighborhood when Ortiz allegedly ran over a flower bed and damaged a sign. Ortiz fled the scene, but eventually returned. She was taken into custody after exhibiting signs of intoxication.

Originally a man tried to take responsibility for the crash, but witnesses were able to identify Ortiz as the driver.

The Bribe

Constable Herman reports that Ortiz attempted to bribe the male deputy that was transporting her to jail with both cash and sexual favors in exchange for her freedom. The male deputy declined the offer and Ortiz was booked into the Harris County Jail with an additional bribery charge.

Never a good move.


A bribery charge in the state of Texas is a second degree felony and punishable by two to twenty years in prison. Plus, there could be a fine of up to $10,000, according to Fort Worth Bribery Lawyer Varghese Summersett PLLC.

Ortiz definitely went from bad to worse in this situation.

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