In this age of always being connected, our phones are the one thing that keep us in the know of basically everything. From weather reports to sports scores, to helping us potentially keep a schedule for the day ahead. But there's also the element of keeping in touch with friends, family, and coworkers too.

In that regard, a call has come while we've been driving around the Lone Star State. Some of our cars thankfully make it easier for us to answer said call, but there's another caveat. What if someone sends a text?

Should it be better left unread until you reach your destination? Or should you answer it urgently? Looks like Texas law will help us out on this one.

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Sending A Message At A Red Light In Texas, Is It Safe And Legal?

So first things first, let's all look at each other and admit we've sent a text while driving in Texas. Yes, it is ok admit it right now while reading this, but remember it's illegal and you could get in trouble for it. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has more details about all the facets of using your phone and driving here.

But if you're stopped at red light, your car isn't moving, and you get a text, is it ok to answer? Potentially quickly to not hold up traffic of course. The answer is well, yes you can!

The Star-Telegram reports that the law in Texas allows an individual to send a text message, as long as the car is completely stopped and not moving. So, you can at least send a text then. But make it quick, holding up traffic is a whole other discussion! least you weren't speeding?

Yes, we all speed, but going this fast is rather dangerous...

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