Good-day Gang,

Big Q with a tip about society.  We start off with a question; How many times do we need to say thank you?

An old friend stopped by yesterday on her way to her new job in New York City.  NEW YORK CITY?! , and she asked me if I wanted any “Thank You” cards.

“Why the #*%# would I want “Thank You” cards?

“Q”, she says, “in society we send thank you cards when we want to thank someone.”

What are you, drunk?  This can no longer be true!


It seems that her friends and colleagues threw her a “going away party” and she sent them all "thank you" cards.  I asked if she went to this party?

She got all “smart” in her tone and said “Of course Q”

Did you speak at this party?  I’m guessing you did, knowing you.  And when the night was over did you not thank people when the left?

She said yes to all of the these questions, and now I wonder, again, why the #*%# did you send out “Thank You” cards?

I then got my “normal” response, “Q, don’t be stupid”

Hang-on.  I’m not the one who said thanks to everyone, then went out and spent money on cards to say thanks again.  How does this not make sense to you?

“I was being polite” she responded.

And there it is.  Being “Polite”.  That’s how they get you.  As a society we have an innate fear of being impolite.  I’m sure some shink somewhere has said that a polite society is an advanced society.  No, they’re a manipulated society.

Card companies depend on this to survive.  They re-invest in their company by making up fake holidays such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day, so you buy their cards to prove that you’re “polite” and “good”, and that you have a “heart”.  Here’s a bonus Q-Tip, if you only say “I love you” to your Mother, Father, and Lover, one time a year, you’re evil.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to say thank you to people when they do something nice for you.  But why mail a card?   I can see it being done in 1792, when Ben, Lightning Man,Franklin created the post office, but this is the time when the post office is about to be abolished.

Here’s the Big Q Tip; Send an E-mail.  It’s this new technology that’s sweeping the land like the Bubonic Plague did in the 1300’s.  It’s all the rave.


For fun, since everyone wants to say Thank you multiple times, send people many emails with many ways to say thank you.

Oh, by the way.  My friends new job.  She’s a Digital Manager for “The Blue Man Group”.  I’m a little worried for her.  Maybe I should send her a card.