Thanks to a 5 year old The Grinch will not be stealing Christmas. TyLon Pittman called 911 concerned that the Grinch would steal his Christmas presents. TyLon ran and told his mom that he had called 911. TyLon's mom was convinced that her son was joking, but when a police officer showed up on their front door she realized her son was in fact telling her the truth. Lauren Develle the police officer who answered the house call asked to speak to the little boy who was concerned about the Grinch.The 5 year old claims he watched the movie on his phone. He watched "Dr.Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on his phone and brought it out to the officer as evidence.

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TyLon was invited by the Jackson Police Department to the police station. TyLon helped the JPD lock up The Grinch. Luckily many of us can now sleep easy knowing that The Grinch won't be stealing Christmas. Can you imagine being TyLon's parents? Who else has a 5 year old with their own cell phones?