We officially have only 10 days left till Thanksgiving, and the panic is setting in!

I've been scrolling through my timeline, and it all looks the exact same. Everyone is freaking out about how time has suddenly flew by. If you weren't freaked out before, i'm sure you are now. Do you have everything you need ready for the holiday?

Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for all the wonderful things you have in your life. Sometimes though it can be easier said than done when you have your picky mother-in-law coming over. Oh and don't forget cousin Jill has gone vegan, so you'll probably have to make a whole different dinner for her.

I'm so grateful that we live in these modern times, because now we don't even have to fight through grocery and department stores to get our holiday supplies. With Amazon prime you can have what you need delivered right to your door within 1 day! You don't even have to worry about making a list, because I got you covered right here.

First thing, to cook an amazing turkey, you should be dressed as an amazing turkey. Also, you don't want to ruin your holiday outfit, so keep it spill free with this cute apron.

The days of throwing a turkey into an actual oven are long over. This roaster will cook your turkey to perfection within as little as 2 hours! Plus you'll have more room in the oven for pumpkin pie and dressing!

You still need to impress that mother in law of yours so you need to break out the good "china." I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love the Pioneer Woman, so this platter is sure to please.

Don't let your table go naked, this tablecloth is great for holiday pictures of your Thanksgiving spread.

I don't know about your family Thanksgiving, but I definitely need some adult drinks at mine. Dress up your drinks with these cute holiday koozies.

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