The $600 a week additional money you may be getting from unemployment is set to expire here in Texas on July 25th. That date is rapidly approaching, but could we see an extension of that additional pay out? Stranger things have happened.

Nobody likes losing money, even if it was just a temporary boost in income, but with that extra federal unemployment benefit set to expire on July 25th, losing that extra $600 a week will hurt. But there is hope that an agreement of some kind can be made to extend that benefit.

According to  of ABC13, the House has already given approval to an extension of those benefits. Now it will be up to the Senate, member of which don't return to work until next week.

Cisco Gamez, a Texas Workforce Commission spokesperson, said, "State unemployment benefits will continue to be paid after the week ending on July 25, they simply won't include the additional $600 anymore."

Here's how that could affect those receiving the bonus dollars The average unemployed Texan gets roughly $1,900 every two weeks. In August, that'll go down to $700. That's a huge hit to those still unable to go back to work.

With the uncertainty of another statewide shut down lurking, families are worried about losing those dollars.

The extension could still happen, but Congress will have to act fast once they reconvene next week. Fingers crossed there is a plan both sides can agree on.

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