** The following is an article written by Erica Garrett, the wife of Jamie Garrett.  The article is in response to Jamie's blog post published July 15th.  Erica will check in from time to time to set the record straight in regards to statements made by Jamie on-air & online.  Enjoy.  We know we will.**



A few months back, a friend I worked with over a decade ago 'friended' me on Facebook. These were the blissful honeymooning days for my husband and me. Neither of us could do any wrong. We were completely smitten. But I had to laugh when she mentioned that one of her earliest memories of us was "when Jamie used to put all of your business on the air." So very true then, as it is now.

I may not be in the water, but you can't say I don't have the best seat in the house. Photo by Erica Garrett


Thankfully, the you-can't-joke-like-Stern-till-you're-paid-like-Stern rule has worked well in keeping most things sacred.  From  time to time, despite my husband's commitment to mostly accurate  details, his telling of a story grinds the truth into a gristly, sausage-like product that's main ingredients consist of lips and ....well, you know.

And that's exactly the kind of thing that'll get a girl's dander up. Particularly if said gal lives in a house full of boys and is so completely misunderstood on the reg.

As for the "vacation", I thought it'd be fun to share my side for a change (chest slap). After all, many a truths are spoken in jest.

Truth #1: Teachers -unless they are single- do not start vacation in June. Working ladies know all about the 2nd shift. You work your 8 hours (or more) then the REAL job of kids, groceries, cleaning, pinning recipes beckons. When summer hits (and this is supposed to be our break from kids???), we're thrust like a disconnected Major Tom - flailing for rules and routine, then daring to dream of all that we'll do with our glorious free time. Yet we free fall back to Earth where our reality awaits: we're now lunch ladies, referees, entertainers, drivers, maids, and closet Breaking Bad addicts who just don't have time for it all.

And that's when guess who swoops super hero-style just in time for dinner. Of course by this time everyone is super freaking sweet and well - behaved because absence (or so they say)makes the heart grow fonder.


As for the reason I stay out of the water.... Photo by Erica Garrett

Which brings me to Truth #2. Kid-duty 24/7 on vacay? Yes! It's true, the boys are attached to their dad like barnacles (it's kinda sweet and annoying all at once). This again is a clear alley-oop thanks to yours truly. Of course I'm going to take advantage of freeing my headspace from the likes of Spongebob, Regular Show, and round-the-clock toilet humor.

Truth #3: Traveling the country visiting family (apparently mine,not his- though it's worth mentioning that I've logged thousands of miles visiting his family- once in a Kia Rio we packed with 5 people) is a bonus for us, too. As a military brat, I spent my summers on the road visiting family/ thankfully untethered to any possessive pronouns. While we're out fishing and catching fireflies and listening to the stories of my 80-year-old grandmother, my kids and I know he wishes he were here. And -sometimes- I wish he were, too.