You might think that this is going to be a big list of stores and items. Sorry. No. I hate this holiday. If you don't treat your Mom with love and respect everyday of the year, then you don't deserve one.

The stupid card people need to experience pain for guilting everyone into thinking that one

Don't waste your money on this crap!

day a year is for Moms. Everyday is Mom day. Plus, if you've lost your mother, then the card people should suffer pain for bringing up that painful memory.

Flowers and Dessert places are jumping on this band wagon, but that's where we come up with the best gift.

Run to H.E.B., grab some strawberries, and dip them in chocolate. Yes, that's right, you dip them. Don't go and buy them from someone else, do it yourself. The woman pushed you through her baby shoot for goodness sakes.

Via Big Q

Oh, and by the way. If you think that my own Mother would be upset with this line of thinking, you should know that when I first entered the work force, I ordered my mom some flowers to be delivered. She called and yelled at me.

"Don't waste your money on this crap! Flowers die! Do you want me to die! Plus if you feel you must give me this garbage, deliver it yourself, because that's all I really want, is to see you."

There you go. A visit or a phone call is the best Mothers Day gift you can give. You're Welcome.