Heh Der Comrades,

F/X premiered my new favorite show last night, The Americans.  It stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as undercover Soviet spies in US near end of Cold War in 1981.  It was amazing.  I'm so happy it's on cable and not Network.  As we all know, Network TV is watered down garbage, and any original idea they come up with they cancel before any characters or story lines have a chance to develop.  The Americans has the serious potential to be one the best shows on TV.  Now I might be a little biased since the cold war was my backdrop growing up.  The threat of Global Thermo-Nucleure War was hanging over my head from the minute I was born.  Plus I grew up in town that had a life expectancy of 45 minutes if someone wigged out and started pressing buttons.

The Americans on F/X

Hate sound "old manish" here, but back in my day, being secretive was cool.  Invisible ink, secret containers with a magent attached to hid things.  I always imagine Secret Agents to be more hands on than today's "i-pad-pocket" spies.  Give me a paper-clip, chewing gum, a rubber band, and a piece of paper, and lets see if I could kill you.  Now it's, let me write a program, (yawn!).  I'm hoping this show gets technical, and I hope it stays around for a long time.  Mostly, I hope the suits at F/X don't screw it up.

Watch the Americans on Thursday night on F/X.