Wayne Bourque and his family are now $10,000 dollars richer after scoring the top prize in Wednesday's Cash Cow drawing. We wish them a Merry Christmas!

Wayne was at work when we called to verify his email address and information and to spring the surprise on him. Imagine if you got a call saying you had just won the Cash Cow drawing? Wayne took a few minutes for it to sink in but then perked right up saying, "Man I'm gonna get outta debt!" He said, "I was down and sad but you just made my day."

Wayne is a perfect example of why you should become a member of the US 105 Nation. The only way you can't win the cash is if you don't sign up.

When we told Wayne to bring his I.D. down to fill out the paperwork he said, "I'm leaving right now." It's just the beginning of the holidays so just because you didn't win cash doesn't mean the winning is finished. We have your chance to win round trip air for two so you can be "Home for the Holidays". Hit up the button below!