Having a wedding is expensive. You've got to find a venue, officiant, food, drinks, dress, and more. Well now the Busch Beer wants to help you with a few of these things - starting with $25,000.

Busch Beer has launched a new contest in which they will award the winner $25,000 towards their wedding. Not only that, but the Busch guy will officiate the wedding and bring a ton of beer for the party.

"We know Busch is beloved by our fans, but being featured in wedding photos and invited to the weddings themselves is an entirely other level," says Daniel Blake, Senior Marketing Director, Anheuser-Busch. "This new campaign is coming straight from the asks of our devoted community, and we can't wait to see Busch Guy bring together one happy couple this summer."

If you want to register,visit the official Busch website.

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