Did you know Salado, Texas is a hot spot for mermaids?

Sirena was a Native American who became a mermaid with the help of a mischievous magical catfish who swam in the spring near Salado's Pace Memorial Park. The catch? She couldn't be seen in mermaid form by other people or she'd be forced to stay in the water forever. You can catch up on the official legend here. A full size bronze statue is a popular attraction that tells the tale near the source of the spring.

The legend is celebrated all year long in Central Texas, and it's almost time for the Sirena Fest Launch Party at Barrow Brewing on March 2nd! Shine up your 'merfins' and stop by Barrow Brewing from 4 PM to 6 PM that day for photo booths, the Peaceable Kingdom Ponies, Sirena trivia, and VIP baskets! It will also be your first chance to purchase tickets for the upcoming Lonestar Legends Music Fest at Johnny's Outback featuring Brandon Rhyder. 

Later this year the Sirena Fest Mermaid Ambassador Brunch happens September 6th, followed by the Mermaid Parade on October 8th.

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