The Children's Courtyard, located in Austin, Texas, is facing a lawsuit for child abuse. Here is what is known at the time of writing.

Alleged Child Abuse Witnessed By Parent

Per MySA and the complaint filed, the incident happened in 2023 of July. Alexis Dominguez submitted the suit. Per the legal action, Dominguez's husband saw their child be abused by a worker at the place of business.

It was stated that the husband saw the abuse occur due to the cameras inside the building. The Children's Courtyard has cameras that live stream what happens during the day there. Per the allegation, an unidentified worker tried to calm a child by hitting their face and head, and using a blanket to "smother" the child.

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After Dominguez witnessed the alleged actions, he went to The Children's Courtyard to to communicate what he saw. The suit reveals the business did not put in a local or state police report, which is mandated by the state of Texas when something like this happens.

Statement From The Dominguez's Lawyer About The Incident

MySA received a comment from Russell Button, who's representing the family about the lawsuit:

“Watching their son's caregivers harm him via the surveillance live feed was deeply distressing for our clients. This family is not greedy, but they want to send the message that physically abusing a child is never acceptable...This lawsuit aims to hold The Children’s Courtyard accountable and prevent abusive practices from victimizing other children in the community."

Dominguez also stated:

“Clearly The Children's Courtyard did not value my son's safety or express concern for his well-being...Anyone with basic common sense understands that smothering and hitting a child is completely unacceptable. Everything was on camera.”

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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