I bailed on The Bachelor yeeeeeears ago...so I am way out of the loop on this one. Either way, the Eli Young Band made a cameo Monday night on a one on one date, that technically wasn't exactly one on one. From what I can piece together and y'all please correct me if I am wrong, Bachelor Sean took AshLee on a "special date" to an amusement park with two chronically ill teenage girls and ended the "best date ever" with a private concert.

Of course, it is early on in this season and we don't know if Sean will pick AshLee, but at least almost 7.5 million people tuned into the episode and got to see the Texas boys, the Eli Young Band. No biggie.

(f you can't see the video above, you can watch via abc.go.com/watch/the-bachelor/SH559030/VD55265321/week-3 (52:04 & 57:40 marks)


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