Let's first relish in the irony that was the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, which was completely doused in snow on December 26th - the day after Christmas. Then let's admire the artistry on the field after the game.

At a closer look, you find a romantic moment between who I assume is the couple that, ahem, erected the art piece.  Seriously, look at that blank canvas. It's just begging for a good 'schlonging'.

After a relatively slow first half tied at 7-7, Washington State mustered out a 20-14 win over the Miami Hurricanes. Fans and players were great sports about the weather because, who doesn't like football in the elements. I personally loved playing defense in the rain because it really gives you that feeling of epic-ness.

The camera crew wasn't ready for the storm, however, since they lost the ball on a practice kickoff attempt.