The hottest toys of 2016 is undoubtedly Hatchimals Egg and the NES Classic and good lord, they are pretty much impossible to find now. If you've been telling your kids, grandkids, or even yourself that there is no way to find the two hottest gifts in 2016, you might be in luck.

There are more Hatchimals coming to Central Texas, according to KWTX News. It's confirmed that several Walmarts receive a shipment of this interactive hatching toy today (Thursday) and will be stocked on shelves through December 19 (or until they sell out).

Each Walmart is supposed to receive dozens of the product and will be priced at $48.88. There is a limit of two per person.

Target will also receive Hatchimals on Sunday, December 11 priced at $59.99.

Now I got this tip from a huge Best Buy nerd. He received a newsletter that announced every Best Buy will receive limited quantities of the NES Classic Edition and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Best Buy receive these bad boys on Tuesday, December 20.