No one will ever accuse me of being a Royal Watcher, but I must admit Prince George and his sister Charlotte are darn cute! Their mom took some pictures of them and posted them on Twitter.  

Do you agree? Are they a couple of the cutest little royal babies you ever did see?


Prince George and Princess Charlotte/Getty Images


Bud didn't all of us who had more than one kid take the same pictures? I know we did with our two boys. Ours did not turn out the same though.


George and Charlotte/Getty Images                          Adam and Travis/Photo by Keith Conner



Royal Babies/Getty Images                                   Conner Babies/Keith Conner


Why was Adam always choking Travis?



Okay this one comes close to the Royals.


The Royals/Getty Images                                   The Conners/ Keith Conner


But ours kind of looks like a two headed baby. I can't believe Kate is a better photographer than Keith.  I think she had help!