I remember meeting my boyfriend for the first time and instantly thinking, "I am going to make him mine!" I was drawn by his good looks and impeccable style, but what hooked me was that Texan accent. When I was in California I used to beg visitors to say things in their Southern accents. Can you blame a woman? Turns out it's not just me who loves that sexy southern accent. Generator hostel staff members from 43 different countries were asked to pick which accents they found the sexiest.

According to Babbel.com Here are the American accents that Hostel workers voted on as the most attractive:

1. Deep South (20%)

2. New Yorker (18%)

3. Bostonian (17%)

4. Southern Californian (16%)

5. Texan (14%)

6. Midwestern (10%)

7. Minnesotan (5%)

We do have some questions. How can Europeans tell the difference between Deep Southern accents and Texan accents? Personally, I can't tell the difference. On behalf of American's all over the country, none of us find a Minnesotan accent sexy, like at all. Maybe that 5% is a pity score? What do you find as the sexiest accent?

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